the creation of an elven soul

A Dark Serenity
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This is the writing journal of one shadows_wolf06.

Inside these four walls you will find bits of magic, odd scraps of yesteryear's journeys, some poetry... and perhaps even a few pieces of artwork as well. Back when I first started this community, I honestly didn't know what it would hold within it. Now, as my roots begin to take hold once more, I find the creative side finally leaping forth again in joy, willing and wanting an outlet to be expressed...

Which in turn leads to the resurrection of this community.

I am now and always have been mostly Friends Only as I'm quite overly-anal about copyright infringement, so if you'd like to be able to read the majority of my works, feel free to join the community. I tend to feel more comfortable knowing who's reading my entries, whether it be on my regular journal or this one as well, and I do ask that if you're to share my works with anyone, you give proper credit to the original source (whether this is me or someone else I have already credited).

I guess the only other thing left to say is sit back, pull up a chair and make yourself at home by the fire... curl up and let your mind wander as you delve into my world of imagination and inspiration...

Welcome to my world...